Forskolin 125 from Evolution Slimming – boost you metabolism and burn fat more efficiently

Forskolin125 diet pillForskolin 125 is a weight loss supplement in capsule form. It’s manufactured in the UK by Evolution Slimming and the company claims just one capsule a day can:

  • Boost your sluggish metabolism without side effects
  • Increase thermogenesis
  • Lower body fat

They also state the capsules can ‘theoretically’ increase lean body mass and provide a tighter, leaner body.

None of the Evolution Slimming’s claims are particularly fancy or over the top. In a nutshell, they’re saying it’s a fat burner that may also improve muscle quality, but talk is cheap. Let’s take a look at what we’ve got here.

At A Glance

Claims: To increase metabolism and help you burn calories more effectively

Positives: A great natural product that works with your body. Helps rid body fat and keeps lean muscle mass.

Negatives: 30 day money back guarantee could be a tad longer

Recommended diet pill

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How does Forskolin Encourage Weight Loss?

Forskolin 125 from Evolution SlimmingForskolin has the proven ability to stimulate the thyroid gland and cause it to release extra hormones. Thyroid hormones are very important for ensuring the metabolism is running at peak efficiency, so Evolution Slimming’s claim that Forskolin 125 can ‘boost your sluggish metabolism’ would appear to be built on strong foundations.

When the metabolism is working at its best—as if often the case with younger people who appear to be able to eat what they want and never put on weight—the body burns off body fat quickly and easily. This supports Evolution Slimming’s claims that their capsules will increase thermogenesis (fat burning) and lower body fat.

Their statement that the capsules can ‘theoretically’ increase lean muscle mass can also be supported. Forskolin is known to have the ability to encourage the body to produce extra testosterone, and increasing testosterone has been proven to encourage the growth of lean muscle tissue (that’s why bodybuilders take testosterone-boosting supplements). Scientific tests have also shown muscle tissue burns more calories than the equivalent mass of fatty tissue—improved calorie burning is an added benefit any dieter will appreciate.

Forskolin 125 – Whats In The Formula, Key Ingredients

Forskolin plantThere is a little gelatin in the capsule casing, so that discounts Forskolin 125 as far as vegetarian dieters go; but apart from that were looking at one main ingredient here folks and, as the name suggests, it’s forskolin.

Forskolin is a natural substance extracted from the roots of a plant (coleus forskohlii). It’s not a new ingredient. Herbalists have been using it treat all manner of ailments for hundreds of years. It can also be found in some prescription medications and in bodybuilding supplements, but it’s popularity as a weight loss aid only really began to take off fairly recently after the American TV show host Dr. Oz endorsed its potential during one of his shows, proclaiming it ‘works like a furnace inside your body’, while one of his guest experts stated: “If your metabolism is sleeping, forskolin is gonna wake it up.”

Scientific Studies

Forskolin’s ability to boost testosterone and thyroid hormone production has been proven in a number of studies. In one case the study was conducted on rats, but the majority of forskolin studies have involved human volunteers.

In a study conducted at an outpatient bariatric clinic in Hilton Head, South Carolina, eight obese women took forskolin capsules each day for a period of eight weeks. Researchers recorded a significant lowering of body fat that was accompanied by an increase in muscle mass. [source]

Forskolin 125 Usage Instructions

One capsule should be taken each morning, preferably 10 to 30 minutes before breakfast.

Forskolin 125 Side Effects?

Pregnant and nursing mothers are advised to play it safe and avoid all forms of supplementation (unless approved by their doctor), but most people should be able to use forskolin without issue. Potential users who are using any form of medication, or who have any known or suspected health problems, should seek medical advice before commencing supplementation.

Customer Feedback – Before and After Comments

Customer feedback is excellent.

“This forskolin pill is great. It really is! I have been using every day with my breakfast (usually around 10am) and after getting stuck with my progress at the gym”

“This supplement is great and you only have to take 1 a day which makes life much easier!”

“I have been going to the gym for 6 months now and had hit a Plato. I had heard about this product for boosting your results and I have been losing 1-2 pounds a week more than usual with this product.”

Is There a Guarantee?

Evolution Slimming provides customers with a 30 day money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Forskolin 125 is a recommended product. The capsules contain just one ingredient and it is known to provide all the benefits Evolution Slimming promise for their product; so there can be no doubt about the authenticity of their claims. Customer feedback provides further evidence the capsules work and all purchases are protected by a money back guarantee—definitely one of the best weight loss products available at the present time.

Recommended diet pill

Purchasing Options

Order Forskolin125 from Evolution SlimmingAt the time of this review Forskolin 125 could only be purchased from the Evolution Slimming website.

A bottle of 30 capsules costs £29.99 and bulk buy discounts are available. International shipping is offered and postal charges are waived for orders dispatched to addresses in the UK.

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Biogen Health Science T5 Fat Burning Patches

T5 fat burning patchesCan a patch stuck to the skin really encourage fat burning? Supplement manufacturers Biogen Health Science says so, but the company also recommends the patches be used in conjunction with either their T5 Fat Burners (capsules) or T5 Serum XT (drops), so it’s easy to question how much faith they have in the product.

T5 Fat Burning patches are available to buy directly from the manufacturer’s website and can also be purchased from many online stores. Amazon and eBay provide two more purchasing options. One month’s supply of patches costs just under £19 from the official website, but bulk buying can reduce the price, with the best deal being afforded to customers who purchase a six month supply of patches for £77.64 (30% saving).

At A Glance

Claims: To help reduce fat absorption

Positives: Contains natural ingredients

Negatives: Not a good ingredient profile. In our opinion inferior to the Slim Weight Patch

Rejected diet pill

Proposed Benefits/Selling Points

  • Transdermal magnet patch delivery system
  • Ideal for nocturnal use
  • Suitable for vegetarians who can’t eat gelatin
  • Clinically proven ingredients

Biogen health ScienceThe manufacturers fail to explain anything about their impressively-named delivery system, but in basic terms ‘transdermal’ refers to the process of components being absorbed through the skin.

The claim of clinically proven ingredients is just pure hog-wash and the manufacturers probably know it. No links or information is provided about any of the supposed studies and even if such studies exist it seems unlikely they would involve the use of a transdermal magnet patch delivery systems.

As for the claim about the patches being vegetarian friendly, that may or may not be true, but Biogen Health Science fail to grasp the fact that being vegetarian is more than just a matter of food choices. If gelatin or any other animal byproduct is incorporated in the patches any self-respecting vegetarian would reject them as surely as they would a nice pair of leather shoes.

Usage Instructions

Patches should be applied to clean skin and left in place for 12 hours. It is unclear whether the patches need to be applied to a specific area of the body, but a picture on the official sales page shows a model wearing a patch on her arm so it is safe to assume the arm is probably the best location.

Key Ingredients

The manufacturer’s website fails to provide inclusion rates, but in this case such information would serve little purpose because the delivery method is so unusual. This being the case it would have been nice to see some information about each of the ingredients and what benefits they are intended to provide. No such information is supplied.

Each patch contains:

  • Elaterin:  A plant extract often used as a laxative. Bearing in mind the delivery method bypasses use of the gastro-intestinal organs it is a hard to say what benefits the ingredient is intended to supply here.
  • Honeysuckle:  Credited with providing many health benefits, but fat burning is not one of them. Honeysuckle compounds are sometimes applied to soothe skin irritations though, so it is possible it is included to reduce the likelihood of the patch causing itchy skin.
  • Aloe:  Fat burning is not an ability that is usually attributed to Aloe, but topical applications are often used to treat rashes and areas of dry skin.
  • Fiveleaf: It is unclear what this ingredient is, so its potential for benefits and/or dangers are unknown.
  • Gynostemma Herb:  More commonly known as jiaogulan. Believed (but not proven) to have potential as an ally in the fight against obesity, but also used as a treatment for a failing appetite.
  • Semen Cassiae:  Has a reputation for encouraging weight loss when brewed and consumed as a tea.
  • Torae:  Shown as a separate ingredient, but no such ingredient exists. Probably should have been tagged on the end of Semen Cassiae because the ingredient is also known as semen cassiae torae.
  • Follum Nelumbinis: Lotus leaves hiding behind their scientific name. Believed to boost the metabolism and encourage fat burning.
  • Ginseng: A Chinese herb that can benefit the health in many different ways, but is not generally associated with fat burning.
  • Barbary Wolfberry Extract: Sometimes called Barberry Matrimony Vine or Chinese Wolfberry, and more commonly known as lycium, but never as Barbary Wolfberry; so this is a confusing inclusion right from the start. Not known to be a fat burner, but has sometimes been associated with appetite suppression.
The fat burning potential of the blend is probably zilch, but elaterin, honeysuckle, aloe, and semem cassiae are all laxatives, so the blend’s greatest potential could be as a purgative, but even that potential is unlikely to be achieved via skin absorption.

Side Effects and Health Issues

Several of the ingredients have been linked to negative reactions (stomach irritation, diarrhea, muscle weakness, kidney problems), but it is hard to say if a patch would be capable of delivering such side effects. When it comes to T5 Fat Burning too much is unknown—including one of the ingredients—so potential users are advised to seek medical advice prior to use.


There does not appear to be a money back guarantee.

Customer Feedback

No customer feedback could be found at the time of this review.

The Bottom Line

Biogen Health Science appears to be a reputable company, but they fail to provide adequate information about how their patches are supposed to produce the promised fat burning and a look at the list of ingredients suggests such results are unlikely. Customer feedback is not available, there is no guarantee, and it’s hard to say what kind of side effect s may be likely. Needless to say, T5 Fat Burning is a rejected weight loss product.

Recommended Diet Patch

Slim Weight Patch reviewSlim Weight Patches contain a number of proven fat burning and weight loss aiding nutrients including Fucus Vesiculosus,  5-HTP, Guarana, YerbaMate and a fat burning RX blend consisting of Zinc Pyruvate, Flaxseed Oil, Lecithin, L-Carnitine and Zinc Citrate.

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Beach Body Diet Drops – how does it compare to Activ8 X

Beach Body Diet dropsBeach body drops is a thermogenic weight loss supplement. It is purported to primarily burn fat, with appetite suppression and metabolism boosting as secondary effects.

It belongs in the increasingly popular class of supplements that are offered in liquid formulas ingested via drops. It is claimed that taking the supplement in drop form is beneficial because it allows all areas of weight loss to be targets, unlike pills.

Careful consumers must wonder: does it work and is it worth it? One notices right away that the main website does not return in a standard web search. A second party site link leads to what was supposed to be the main website, but in fact is no longer functioning. Therefore, all information about this product has to be obtained through second and third party sources. This should be a red flag to consumers.

At A Glance

Claims: To give you results in 30 days or your money back

Positives: Contains a few decent ingredients

Negatives: A lack of clinical backing ti validate any claims made

Rejected diet pill

Beach Body Drops – How Do They Work

Beach Body Drops claims that being in liquid form allows it to target all areas of weight loss unlike pills. Although this is true to some degree the formula has to contain a certain combination of ingredients.

There has been some controversy about absorption rate, which is how much of a product the body actually takes in versus what simply passes through unprocessed. In the past, liquids did have a better absorption rate than pills, but with today’s technology, high quality pills have closed the gap in absorption rates.

Rather than going by whether a formula is in liquid or pill form, consumers are advised to look for high quality formulations regardless of form. The diet drops that in our opinion is head, shoulders ..and midriff above the competition is Activ8 X

Key Ingredients

Although some sites claim Beach Body Drops contains 21 ingredients, the following are the only ones listed: Green Tea, Chromium, African Mango, Beta alanine, Tyrosine and Ginseng.

Green tea has been shown in some clinical studies to aid weight loss, and it is now ubiquitous among weight loss products. Chromium is an essential trace element purported to enhance athletic performance and energy, but these claims have not been proven.

African Mango is increasingly popular in supplements because it may affect fat cells by blocking their growth and increasing their breakdown. The research on this is only in the beginning stages though.

Beta alanine is a non-essential amino acid, meaning the body produces it naturally. It has shown promise for increasing physical performance and delaying muscle fatigue, particularly among the elderly.

Tyrosine, also seen as L-Tyrosine is an amino acid, which like all amino acids is a protein building block. It has not been shown to assist in weight loss.

Ginseng is a plant that comes in multiple distinct varieties. It has been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy for multiple conditions. It is unclear what variety of ginseng is contained in this product.

Any Side Effects

Always consult your healthcare professional before starting any dietary supplement.  Pregnant or nursing women should not take this product; nor should children under the age of 18.

Additionally, people managing pre-existing or chronic conditions should make sure to discuss this product with their healthcare provider before starting it. The ingredients in this product may worsen certain conditions or interact with medication used to treat certain conditions. What follows is an example and should not be considered a complete list of side effects or interactions:

Ginseng interactions depend on the type of ginseng used, which is not disclosed with this product.

Bottom Line… Is It Recommended

Short answer: No.

Any product that cannot or will not maintain an active, informative and transparent website should be eyed with suspicion by potential consumers. Furthermore, forcing consumers to rely on second and third party information is potentially dangerous, because they are following the word or recommendation of someone other than the manufacturer.

Specifically, this product contains some ingredients that have been shown to aid in weight loss, but it is unclear how much of each a user will consumer per dose. Dosing itself is another issue, as one second party site explained that dosing was based on a mathematical formulation involving a three step criteria, multiplication, tracking calories and water consumption and sticking to only recommended food choices. Complicated stuff for the average consumer.

Recommended Alternative

Active8 X Diet Drops ReviewAs mentioned above we rate Activ8 X as the best formula in the diet drops category. Activ8 X includes the excellent AVX diet plan (a 200 page diet guide) given away free with each order.

Activ8 X is around £50 for a months supply which could be considered a tad expensive – but considering its success rate it could almost be classed as a required purchase.

Read our review of Activ8 X